Sunday, March 25, 2012

WTF, parents w/ kids at Hunger Games?!

I am a HUGE movie fan. I love to go to the movies, cuddle up with  my popcorn and escape from life for a few hours. I also love to bring my kids to movies. Appropriate movies. G-Rated or PG-Rated movies. The Zorax. Chipmunks. Muppets.  I 100% support you bringing your little people 12 and under to these movies. In fact, I also support you bringing your clueless, colic-free infant to these movies.  They can quietly nurse and sleep in your arms. I'm down with that. (Anyone fresh on maternity leave--- go try this out! It's such a good time. Most big cities have theaters with Cry Baby Matinees. Lovely!!)

What I am NOT okay with is bringing your FIVE YEAR OLD to the Hunger Games.  Without spoiling this book (which is arguably one of the best books I read this year, LOVE IT!) or spoiling the movie (also so freaking amazing--- I can't wait to see it again!), I don't understand why you'd bring a young child to a movie whose whole premise is teens and pre-teens fighting to the death in a government-mandated match. 

What does this say about you as a parent (or as a person, for that matter?)?  Lets explore.

1. You are selfish. You couldn't wait to go see the movie, and you couldn't wait for a sitter to watch your kids. You are so selfish that you spent $12 a ticket (we are at the XD theater) for you and your kids to sit through scenes so horrifying, just the circumstances of the society in the movie, that you somehow justified it was okay?

2. You think your kids are so dumb they won't understand the fight & death scenes.

3. You can just "cover their eyes" during the scary parts. Maybe you are so dumb you forgot about the screams of characters dying.

4. You want your kids to learn a lesson about obeying the government at all costs.

I don't understand. I can't think of one great thing a five year old would get out of that movie. Maybe they liked the colorful fashions and make-up of the characters in the Capitol? My heart was racing so much throughout the entire movie, I was kind of scared for the prego next to me might have blood pressure or heart palpitations --- that's the level of anxiety you get watching the events take place (even knowing the ending).  I can't imagine being able to have a good time watching the movie and not worry about scaring the hell out of your child the entire time. They didn't leave early! There was no, "Ohhh! I thought this movie was about food competitions! What the hell - we're outta here!"  There was no, "Oh shit, this is way scarier for him than I thought it would be!"  

Thank God they didn't sit anywhere near me, so I wouldn't have had to step up and parent the poor kid during the show.  That or constantly turn around giving them disapproving looks...

Maybe I'm over-reacting. I don't like to judge other parents, but this was INSANE. Argh!!! Whew... vent over!

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