Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Bluebonnet Baptism!

Here in Texas it is a spring tradition for families to take pictures in the bluebonnets. Today we loaded up the car and went for an outing to find a good patch of our state flower.

They really are pretty flowers and such a gorgeous shade of blue!
They  must be sweet too, we did have to dodge the bees that we saw in the thickest part of the field.

Cade brought along his cowbody hat and boots (not pictured: he wanted to leave them in the car).
Good little Texan nonetheless!!

Devy Girl's first bluebonnet pictures.  Sweet success!
(and no bee stings = bonus!)

She was enamored with her Daddy. Cade sweetly offered a flower anyways.

My favorite pic of the day was Nick with the kids.  Cade spontaneously reached out for Devyn. The look between the two of them in typical in our house. Dear God, please let them love each other and look out for each other forver!  As I was taking these pics I got so many great ones of Nick with the kids. I couldn't stop snapping away. I was torn between, "Jeez he's a hottie!" and "My babies are so damn cute!"

(Oh.My.God. funny side story. We were in Macy's the other day and Cade saw a Vaquero walk by. Transltion: A Spanish-looking man wearing cowboy hat, Wranglers, and boots, thus clearly he was a Vaquero!  Cade stops and stares and then after the man walks by he loudly says, "Howdy partner!"  The man turned around and smiled and said "Howdy!"  Cade then decided to say a random slew of other cowboy slang he knows: "giddyup, yeehaw, partners, woohoo!")

So long, partners!
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