Thursday, March 15, 2012

7 month pics

Dear sweet Devyn,
Seven months? Really?! That is all I have known you?
You have been here much longer, surely.
I was in Pottery Barn Kids yesterday,
buying gifts for dear friends who are pregnant.
I remember dreamily walking around the store.
Wishing so badly I had a little girl to buy for.
Then dreamily walking around the store with my big belly full of you.
Rubbing your kicking feet and feeling the rush of picking out
the flowers, the butterflies, and the little pink sheets
that are in your very perfect little room.

And here you are!
Your beautiful room a tribute to our beautiful little girl.
Those sweet little fingers, that teeny tiny nose,
and those rolls on your marshmallow thighs.

You and your doggie Izzy are the best of friends.
You look for her when you first wake up in the morning.
She runs to you when  you cry or sneeze.
She brings you her purple ball,
You squeeze it and squeak it for her.
She thinks you're going to throw it.
But you chew it.
Because best friends share.

You never stop moving these days.
Any day you're going to crawl and take off!
For now you are happy to play with your toes,
Pull them to your nose.
Roll back and forth, tummy to back.
Stand up (finally!)
And yesterday, you officially learned to clap.

Yay you! We love you so much!
love forever and always,
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