Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Patrick's Day cuties!

While Mommy was at a friend's baby shower, these two leprechauns played at Lolli & Papa's house!
His shirt... Sonoma Kids from JC Penney
Her shamrock leggings and embellished shirt....Carter's from JC Penney

Hug it out!

Tickling her toes, and she loves every minute!

When you are pregnant with your second child you hope and pray they will love each other.
The second pregnancy is like a gift to your first child.
Their first best friend.
And for lucky child #2, her best friend was right there waiting for her from the minute she was born.
And every day she learns new skills, she becomes cooler and even more fun for him!
And her gift, her big brother, is always there to take care of her.
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