Thursday, September 8, 2011

Park Playdate!

Cade with his fun friend, Liam.  I love that these two are old enough to play together-ish (lots of the typical two year old side by side play) so I can get in some good mommy chat time. And bonus- the boys love cranberry slushies from Sonic!

My son is fearless. A fun trait when you're two and quite agile. A terrifying trait when you're sixteen and have a car. Any tips on how to give your kid a healthy dose of fear?  I'd like him to fear the wrath of Mom & Dad, getting in trouble with the law, failing a class, the pervy man by the playground, not keeping his room clean, jumping off tall buildings, drugs, and hooking up with girls. These are things I'd like him to fear. A lot.

Climbing a playground, meeting new friends, asking a cute girl to prom, trying new foods, putting yourself out there, doing what you love, taking a risk on a good (and safe) idea, saying no to your friends' dumb ideas. These are things I don't want him to fear.

The balance of fear and joy. How do you keep them innocent and playful and not afraid to strip down and run through the water splash pad?  Adults don't do that. Kids have no reservations about running full speed, spinning, drinking the water, screaming and squealing with the delight.  If I did that I'd get stopped by the cops and tested for public intoxication.  If I did that my  mommy wouldn't be there with a towel and a cool car so I could nap it off on the way home.

I wish we could all live like toddlers. If people don't get the words that are coming out of your mouth, they just smile and agree with you.  If you burst into song for no reason or quote your favorite movie or suddenly decide to pretend to activate your Buzz Lightyear jetpacks and fly, people will go along with it and play with you.  Life with a toddler is so damn fun if you go along with it.

Wouldn't you love just an ounce of this joy?  I wish with all of my heart that he has memories of how happy his childhood is, and that I can give him many more days and years of happiness.
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