Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1 Month

One month lambie rug pic.  I love the froggy legs that newborns have. Devyn actually stretches quite a bit, and has since we brought her home from the hospital.  I just love this face and little body.

Mommy remembered to accessorize!! I love the star onesie adn the big huge bow. I can't resist it. I tried so hard to capture her smile, but this was as close I could get to the fleeting one month old's gummy smile.  Here she was amazed at my face peeking around the camera.  We had guys in the next room laying tile, I'm sure they were wondering WTH this crazy white lady was doing in the next room. 

The mini cake was made from my friend Jessica's mom, Sally. She made the most adorable diaper cake in the history of the world, I hate to use it, so I left this top layer as a monthly sign of her age.  I hope she likes it and doesn't tear it up the way Cade did his paper monthly signs. He ate it, he tore it, he threw it. I'm hoping the "cake" idea has enough novelty to last us quite a bit as she grows this year.  Gosh, those sweet lips!! Don't you just want to kiss them?!
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