Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Second best

The tides have turned around here. Little man has changed his rankings and now, there is a clear favorite and his name is Daddy. That's right bloggies, Mommy is now second best. I am well aware we have grandparents who would LOVE to be second best, but for me--- this is a huge loss. For a long time Cade has been generous in his love for both of us. It has seemed, to me at least, that Mommy and Daddy were both the king and queen of his heart. It was nice to stand up on that top rung together. As competitive as I am, I really didn't mind.

In the last week or so, however, Daddy has been given a special throne. He doesn't want to go to bed, he wants to Snuggle with Daddy. He doesn't want Mommy to brush his teeth or read his bedtime story. No, no. "Go 'way, Mommy. Daddy do it!"

Um, ouch. Obvs that's going to sting. I am used to being needed by that boy, which morphed into a special kind of mommy love. I guess that's cheating, being a nursing mommy def gives you an advantage.

My shock and disappointment at being ousted from #1 position dissipated however, as I saw the many benefits of being number 2. I don't have to be the one to brush his teeth, do nighttime potty routine, and read him his story? After the first night I did the walk of shame out of his room I found myself standing alone in the living room staring at the dog. "what do I do now??" I asked our little fluffernut. Her eyes told me, "Make some hot tea and let's go to bed!" But mommy robot brain took over first and screamed,"Laundry! Dishwasher! You have 15 free minutes. Go! Go!"

The house was sparkling, and I made it just in time for little man's prayers. He glared at me (at least I thought he did) as we said our blessings, he gave me the cold shoulder when I went for a hug, but he did kiss me back, sort of...

As I went for my final Oreo of the night it hit me, if you can't be #1 in your toddler's heart, a clean house sure ain't a bad second place!

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