Saturday, October 1, 2011

Help Mommy!!!....aka "chores"

Cade loves to help me. Like loooooooves to help me. And for the most part, like 99% of the time, I'm all about it. (the other 1% being when we are running late and trying to get in the car).

I found a cool link on Pinterest about chores toddlers can do from 18 months plus. I'm uber proud to admit he's been doing most of these for quite awhile, and he even does some other things not listed. I hate calling them chores, because to my boy, these are super special helper jobs. Special activities he gets to do "just like mommy". In fact, he even asks, INSISTS even, to help Mommy.

Mommy helper jobs Cade does:
1. Dusting tables and chairs with rag

2. Matching socks — also a good skill for teaching concepts of "same" and "different"

3. Handing Mommy safe unbreakable items from dishwasher

4. Bringing safe, unbreakable dishes in from table, clearing table

5. Putting safe, unbreakable items on table (napkins, cups)

6. Picking up toys

7. Putting trash in wastebasket

10. Putting clothes in hamper

11. Handing adult an item from grocery bag

12. Wiping windows with cloth and spray bottle filled with water

13. Setting the table

14. Clearing table

15. Putting dishes in sink or dishwasher

16. Drying dishes

17. Bringing newspaper in from outside

18. Wiping spots on kitchen floor with wet rag

19. Putting books on bookshelf correctly

20. Helping water garden

21. Assisting adult in the kitchen with measuring, pouring dry ingredients, stirring and mixing

22. Carrying small bags of groceries

Mommy helper jobs we will now try:

1. Wiping baseboards with duster or dry rag

2. Taking laundry to appropriate room — tell them where the items go and see whether or not they remember after the first few times you do this chore with them.

3. Putting stuffed animals on bed in the morning

4. Pushing laundry basket to appropriate room

5. Sweeping small messes with hand broom

6. Put away laundry in correct places — teach him how to carry folded items so they won't come unfolded

7. Sort laundry by family member

I can't say that Cade does each of those above things every day, but they are just things we do together. If I didn't involve him in household tasks (ugh, okay okay, "chores"), then I'd be losing quality time with him. When we do this stuff together it's more fun for me, he feels like a big boy, and I get to do my favorite thing, teach him new stuff. We love doing stuff together. Sometimes I make the chores a game, but he's so used to it and so curious, he seeks out doing this stuff. I love (and hate at times) when he says "help you, Mommy!" and scoots his little hair next to me in the kitchen. He loves to use measuring cups, mix things together, and make salads. I feel bad when dinner is me reheating leftovers and he's got his chair ready to help and there is nothing for him to do. He gets sad when he can't help. Obviously a trait he got from me..... I don't see Nick getting off the couch and crying because he wants to help me. Ha!

I want my son to be a guy who just does these things without thinking about them. A guy who picks up after himself and lends a helping hand without being asked or complaining. In other words, I'm grooming him to be a perfect husband. As soon as he's old enough to drive, I'll teach him the value of bringing home flowers for mommy "just because".

What chores did you do as a kid?

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