Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swim Swim Summer!

As evidenced by the pic above, we had a swim swim summer with Captain Cade the Fearless. We took him to the Plano public pools, which he adored.  Shout out Tom Muehlenbeck!!! You are the best public pool I've ever seen. I don't have many pics from the public pools, but we did get some fun shots from Lolli & Papa's pool.  Cade can swim for nearly two hours, jumping off the side, swimming to you and turning around and swimming back to the ladder. Fish man.
I'm so glad I have kids that love to swim (I'm guessing Devyn does because I totally swam with her while I was super pregnant -- even the day before I was induced... Insane I know, but that's how much I love to swim. I was totally coming up with the courage to tell the lifeguard "Clear the pool, my water just broke in it", which was a horrifying thought but would have made for a badass birth story.) I digress...
Checking out baby sister girl in her "lounger".

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