Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live hard, play hard

I love to watch Cade explore. Nick & I sometimes wonder if we let him be a little "too free" sometimes. I think it encourages his creativity, helps him learn about his world, and is a damn fun time to get to crawl and do what you want. I mean hell, why have too many restrictions when you're only 8 months old...there's plenty of time for people to squash your dream--ahem-- lets say we get more rules the older we get. (And as a kid didn't you think it was just the opposite, more freedom when you're older, if only you could just grow up?? Now we're grown ups and what we wouldn't give to have a childlike freedom.)

Anyways, here is Cade's newest hobby --- dumping the toy basket to allow for easy access of all toys. He never knows just which tiddlywink he might need. After he explores the "near side" of his dumpage, he scales the basket to scope out the "far side" dumpage.
On this particular day he thought he'd grab his swanky blankie and play peekaboo. He was doing it by himself for a while and when I heard a little snort I realized he was totally initiating peekaboo and then joined him. (Hell, to be so carefree you play peekaboo by yourself and crack up... again, I wish I were him!)
Where's Cade? Peekaboo!
The kid amazes me....I wish he would be satisfied with his dumpage of toys longer than he is this week. Now his new mission is "Up" (pull up, climb up, reach up, pick me up, I want to be UP!!!) With mission Up we are getting lots of pinched fingers in drawers and bumps on the head. For the most part he looks at me to verify he's okay, and goes on with life. Other times it's a heart-breaking cry of pain and my initial pity for his boo-boo turns into a strange (I really shouldn't admit this) heart-warming glee that I am Mommy, I can kiss it and make it all better. Isn't that horrible?? He hurts himself and I get just a little satisfaction at making it better. When he's in my arms with big tears I kiss away and he grabs onto the neck of my sweater and I kiss the boo-boo and talk to him, then there's his sigh as his breathing goes back to normal and life is good again. I love it. I hope I'm always able to fix all his boo-boo's... . . . .

night bloggies,
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