Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feats of Amazingness

Time for a skills update on our baby boy. . . . . . ....
In no particular order of when they first occured, but rather what I can remember in this very moment.
1. Waving skills. Cade can wave (an open and close of the hand, a twist of the wrist). Today he waved his whole arm and opened and closed his hand as he waved bye to his wingmen at daycare. (There's only 3 boys in their room, they've gotta be tight)
2. Clapping skills. Yesterday when I picked him up at daycare as soon as he saw me he raised both hands in the air and then started clapping his hands together. I'm pretty sure I've never been more impressed with him or had such a great reaction walking into a room. I'll take it!
3. Pulling up skills. Although it gives me a vision of bloody mouth and stitches every time, Cade pulls himself up on the side of the tub. I have to snap myself out of the daydreamy haze I get looking at that naked baby laughing as he pulls up on the tub. He also pulls up on the highchair, his little car, his toy box...anything!
4. Talking skills. It quasi-kills me to say this, but the first word is officially "Dada" followed by "dad" followed by "hi-da" which translates to "Hi Dad". And the last two days he's said "hug". I do hesitate to officially add a word to a list until I hear it at least 10 times over a period of 2+ days. My mom thinks it's bunk that I don't give him credit the first time, but babbling noises that happen to sound like words aren't language to me. I look for purpose, generalization, articulation. I'm no mommy cheater, going around saying my kid says all sorts of crazy words way above his developmental level.
5. Going to sleep skills. It took only 3 check-up cycles on night one of sleep training (AKA "cry it out" until they sleep on their own) for Cade to figure out the system. Sure enough after 2 nights he was not crying when I laid him down in bed. He was such a great sleeper until daycare when the daycare never-ending runny nose congestion gunk never went away. We were waking up 2 times each at night to hold him for an hour and try to rock him to sleep again. After one platinum margarita with my friend Sara she pushed me to do it. Thanks Girl.
Random other milestones: eating Gerber freeze-dried yogurt that melts in his mouth, Gerber disintegrating cereal puffs (I've eaten more than him...), completely emptying out his toy basket and flipping it over, then balancing on his tummy, feet up in air on basket....
Funniest moment lately: When feeding Cade the last few nights he has burped and then he giggles and I start laughing and the two of us can't stop. I fake burp, then he cracks up. I tell him it's not good of me to teach him to burp and fart at the table, but he laughs even more, which gets me going. It will go on for a good five minutes. It's bliss. It's just us in our own world, and it makes the rest of my stress melt away.

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  1. I beg to differ with you, dear daughter. Just because my little darling said "dada" when Daddy was at work doesn't mean it's not a word. I will, however, be teaching him "mama" asap. It will then lead naturally into "Grammie".


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