Friday, May 29, 2009

baby loves flowers!

The day I was dreaming of when I was pregnant finally came! My Aunt Shanon took Cade and I to the Dallas Arboreteum. When you're pregnant you look forward to using your brand new stroller somewhere beautiful. (Oh, and having a cute baby to put in the stroller too!) Yesterday I started the day at Starbucks to treat myself to a grande mocha. The drive thru at my regular Starbucks was 8 cars long (totally inappropriate as it was not a rainy day! lazy ass Plano drivers need to get out of their car and save the drive thru for ladies with newborns)

So I went to the next Starbucks down the road and took Cade in with me. The lovely angel baristas said, "Is that YOUR baby??!" as soon as I walked in the door, causing the 8am crowd to turn around and stare at me. My first thought was Surely I don't look like a 16 yr old mom, but then they said "Look at you rocking that dress!" Um, Can I say I'm now in love with these 2 baristas and now have a new fave Starbucks? Thank you ladies for making my year. Now if only I can remember not to look naked backwards in the mirror (really, what would possess me?)...

Anyways, we picked up my Aunt Shanon and enjoyed the most gorgeous weather at the Arboreteum. The flowers were gorgeous, there were stargazer lilies galore, views of White Rock lake that were stunning, and a yummy lunch at the Garden Cafe with live music. It could not have been a better day to enjoy peach tea and stroll around outside.

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  1. Um, ok. What Starbucks was that? Ha!

    I love the Arboretum! We just went for the first time a few weeks ago and it was great!

    And Cade is adorable--seriously, so cute.


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