Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim Class!

I'm crazy.  I always make the first two weeks of summer super high pressure on myself by loading up on play dates on top of what SHOULD be fun, but ends up kinda obnoxiously stressful: swim class. With two kids. One of whom is in Water Babies. So that  means instead of chilling on the sidelines chatting up some new momma friends I'm in my mom suit in the water singing songs with an almost two year old who is screaming "Help me Lolliiiiiii!"

Here she is, planning an escape route before class.
And that smug mug next to her would be big bro. Who today told her, "I'm a better swimmer than you." in that totally whiny bragger's voice. Like any momma worried about her kid turning into an egomaniacal DB I tell him calmly, "That's not nice, she's smaller than you!" And he says (in the most serious, non-whiny voice), "But I'm a superstar swimmer. Superstar."   Checkmate.

So the first week she went from screaming and crying to softly sobbing to whimpering, but doing all the moves and "skills" and songs through it all. We've since been to our fave public pool repeatedly and she's had a blast and been a totally different kid. So today, the last day of class, it was so amazing to see that smile and show off my fun little sweetheart. (See, she's not a depressive water-phobic-momma-clinger!! I told you!)

All smiles for Grammie. Perhaps my all time favorite pic of the child.
Shout out to Janie & Jack for the amaze swimsuits. $25 for an SPF 50 UVA and UVB protectant fabric swimsuit (that just happens to totally match her nursery colors AND have multiple ruffles). AND not be a skanky little toddler triange-top bikini or halter tankini with sequins on the chest. Rant over. That was a mild one considering my true thoughts on inappropriate clothes for kids.

Big bro did significantly better. Last year he cried and cried the first two days of swimming class. This year he was all about it. He can swim about 15 feet by himself, from a step or jumping from the side. So, he IS momma's superstar, just as long as he doesn't go around bragging about it. Jeez kid.

When he got his swim certificate today he was quietly looking at it for awhile. Grammie asked him if he was sad and he said "No, this is really special. This is my special certificate."  He melts me. I hope he never loses that sweet side. He's tough and silly and a little badass and a lot sweet. Great mix that kid. I need to remember to thank God for using all the colors when he  made this masterpiece.
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