Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flutterby, my butterfly!

Last weekend we took a trip to Collin Creek Mall to the Kiwani's Club butterfly exhibit. We met our friends, Amy & Audrey, for our now second annual Mother's Day play date with the monarchs. Devyn was tentative, she desperately wanted to see the butterflies but she did NOT want them to be close to her. Momma's little diva.

They have tons of pretty flowers with hundreds of butterflies floating around a white tent in the middle of the mall.  For $6 for adults and $2 for kids it was totally worth it!  You get a Q-tip of what I thought was magic butterfly nectar, but my mom later told me it was Gatorade.  Turns out the little flutterbys loved some red Gatorade. And blonde hair.

My mom and I talked about it the other day. Something like this isn't an activity every 30-something girl runs out to do on their weekends, but to see that look on the kids' faces as they got to hold a butterfly and feel its delicate wings... that's the magic.

Grammie was the butterfly whisperer. They loved her! 
And butterflies loved my blonde lambies.
Momma Review:
Dates: This annual event typically runs for one week in May around Mother's Day. This year the dates are May 11-19th from 10-6pm, Sundays from 12-6pm.
Cost: $6 adults, $3 children. Click here for a link to a coupon:
Pros: The event raises money for the Kiwanis Club which does local charity and philanthropy. It's great for families and the elderly. It is wheelchair accessible, but you have to park your larger strollers outside the tent. The cost is reasonable. There are other activities, you can buy a chrysalis and watch butterflies hatch at home. There's also face painting and other butterfly related gifts. The mall also has the Spiderwalk which kids 5+ seem to really love.
Cons:  Little kids may be frightened of the butterflies. Or they may attempt to pick up the butterflies with their hands or smash them.  So, if you know you've got a rough little one make sure to watch them closely!

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