Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We had heard there were huge fields of sunflowers in north Dallas, so my  mom and I took the kids to go check them out last week.  Sure enough, as we drove north on 75  we could see the glowing, golden field.  It was immediately breathtaking.   

We parked and walked the little Lambies up in their little red wagon.  It was so cool to see just how lush the field was up close.  Aren't sunflowers the happiest plant?  They were gorgeous. They also attracted about 2 bees per flower, but whatevs.  I held Cade and we squatted down to watch one bee explore a flower. We talked about how the bees wouldn't  hurt us because they were searching for their food. I'm always more brave around my kids than I am by myself. By myself there may have been some squealing and running away. Around the kids (and desperate to snag some sweet shots with my DLSR) I was v. courageous.


Morning sun + trying to avoid the roofs of houses in the background + standing so the sunflowers were facing the right direction  = maje squintage y'all!

He's scared of a bee, I'm enjoying him wrapping his legs around my waist and holding me tight.
I'm always that mom who gets a pleasure from playing the hero role.
When they fall down and say "Mommy!" before asking for anyone else, I love it!
When they get their little fingers pinched in something and they come for a Momma kiss,
it makes me so happy that I can cure it!
When I can protect them from a field of thousands of quiet bees, that's right up my alley.

As I type this post Cade is coming over with a bloody boo-boo whose scab he scratched off.
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  1. Great pics! LOVE the one of you holding Cade!


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