Saturday, April 10, 2010

Da Birthday Man!

Megablocks, balloons, and bears-- ohmy! This week was a whirlwind.... baby man's birthday and TAKS testing! All of my children were constantly on my mind and there were so many worries and prayers hoping his parties were perfect and their testing days went well. This week definitely tested my ability to balance both. Now that it's all over I'm realizing that there is room in my heart for all of my babies, despite the ten year age gap. (I'm also realizing Cade will not be happy in ten years when his birthday week falls on state assessments days. Whatev, it's character building. I have to share my birthday with Jesus. We all have our issues:)

We had a birthday party today at the house and one on Wednesday just us and the grandparents. On Wednesday we had taco dinner, it was so delicious and we had pomegranate blood orange sorbet for dessert! Cade LOVES sorbet and frozen yogurt, it was a great night, even if he had to stay up late to enjoy presents and sorbet:)

Today we had friends and extended family over. I'm lov-ing decorating with balloons. I adore balloons. They are so cheerful and colorful. I might always have to have balloons around, super cheap way to decorate too. I'm thinking I'm onto something here, tell InStyle Home to look into it. Anyways, he got some cool gifts, Auntie Kelly & Uncle Eric stole the show with the 3 in 1 CAT dump truck that he can build with MegaBlocks in the back, push it around the floor, and pull back the dump part to sit and ride on it! The toys were cool and everyone stuck to the unspoken rule that if the toy makes noise it better have an off button or a way to remove batteries. Thanks friends!!! You're the best!

Here are my favorite pics.

(Special thanks to Kroger for the badass cake they let me design. It was beautiful and such a deal and SOOO freaking moist and delicious. Extra kudos for making the buttercream icing look like fondant!)

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  1. Wow Hilary! I can't believe he's one! Happy Birthday, Cade!


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