Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what is THAT about?!

Babies, I don't get 'em. Cade has started this new thing where he gets so excited about something that he kicks his legs ferociously, motors one arm around to slap whatever he's looking at or the air/floor/Bumbo around him, and starts panting. um, wtf?

So, being the special eddie that I am I wonder..."Is this baby Autism?" I rule it out when I realize he's not so much stimming on one or two specific things. And when I go check on him to make sure that panting is excitement related and not a serious breathing issue, I talk to him and he just stops and grins at me...almost as if to say "Yep, Mom, this mirror/rice cereal/picture is cool! Thanks for noticing too!" Okay, sharing a social situation. Ability to switch from object to human interaction. Maybe not baby Autism.

So then I wonder "Is he asthmatic? Oh God, that's it! Baby Asthma! Do they even MAKE baby inhalers?" Um, then I realize he's not turning blue or looking particularly panicked like it's a struggle to breathe. In fact, it's not so much a panting, but a rapid breathing in air with a slight vocalization to it. Okay, maybe not baby asthma.

I call my mom, who convinces me it's baby genius. This is why God made grandparents. You call them panicked thinking that your baby is dying and they convince you that your baby is a little Einstein.

Side note: It was the cutest thing ever during Cade's dinner tonight. He's sitting on the kitchen table in his Bumbo (with direct supervision, people, jeez calm down!) and I'm feeding him rice cereal. Nick walks in and Cade is immediately attracted to him. Nick leans down and gives him a big kiss on the forehead and you should have seen how adoringly this baby looked up at Nick and smiled. I made Nick do it three more times as I sat there with my sad little spoon of rice cereal, crying at how in love they are. It was so presh/beautiful/Kodak I can't even describe, but seeing my two men in love made me so happy. (hm, now there's a line you shouldn't take out of context)

Till later, goodnight dear bloggies. Maybe one day one of you will comment. Give a girl a little love.


  1. Aw Hil, you know I love you and little Cade! I loved your back to school post. So sweet! Audrey's up for another "date" whenever Cade is! ;)

  2. Um, I comment all the time. Don't front lady. :) Oh and your kodak moment is adorable. I also love seeing Connor smile at Jeff. I get so much time with him and it just makes me so happy to see them bond.

  3. I love your blog! I read it everyday. It's my favorite thing to read on the net.


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