Saturday, July 25, 2009

DOC band date!

Yesterday was awesome! Cade and I went to Northpark Mall (our favorite!) to have a lunch and stroller date with our friend Amy and her gorgeous baby girl, Audrey. It was so fun to catch up and chat about everything from marriage, to pregnancy, to DOC bands. I'm pretty sure other parents of infants want to know what secret they're missing out on with the helmets. The kids just looked so precious together. If only Cade had stayed awake for more than 5 minutes to enjoy his first date! Typical guy, making the girl do all the work.

Cade wanted to share his pink and purple star stickers with Audrey. (Going to have to work on those date social skills, Cade! Hello negative body language.)
Fighting sleep to check out the hottie in the next stroller.
It was a fun date, with mommies reminiscing about our first job together at Island's Burgers (head to southern Cali if you want to try some badass burgers, cheese fries, onion rings, & yaki tacos:) So funny that our memories all involved the sexy yet oh-so skanky brothers who worked with us and partying. Oh, how times have changed!

Cade had a fun night going out with Mommy & Crystal to Mi Cocina Legacy Village in the evening. I put on my heels and tried to look pretty as I pushed his stroller in to the fabulous west Plano crowd. Definitely got some strange looks. Howev, I'm not sure if it's b/c of the DOC band or because I had my stroller in the bar area as we waited for our table. Thankfully people moved and we got to sit in the proper lobby. I did decide not to push my stroller up to the bar to get my Corona Light while we waited. I thought it would be funny, but the popped-collar douchebags prob wouldn't want me taking up so much bar space with my Chicco travel system. Bygones. I will say that the stroller's cup holders did come in handy so I had a mini-table for my Corona as we waited for our table to be ready. (white trash?? naaah, not when you've got your bling heels on!)
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  1. Cade and Audrey look awesome in their DOC bands! :) We will definitely have to do another stroller date at Northpark! Maybe Cade will be into the younger gals...Bridgette is pretty cute! ;) haha


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