Friday, November 1, 2013

Dance Class

Two weeks ago was maybe one of my favorite mommy days ev-er.
We did the Arboretum in the morning and in the evening we were invited to join the girls in Cade's preschool class at ballet & tap Bring-A-Friend day! My friend and I were all about our boys giving it a go. As her hubs pointed out, a guy's gotta have moves.
Cade was kina curious about going to dance. But the day of he told me, in no uncertain terms, that he would NOT be a ballerina.  No probs, dude. I offered up Dance Ninja instead. He took the bait. He randomly insisted on wearing his pirate bandana. Whatevs dude. The girls had their tutus, the boys had their Batman mask hoodies and pirate doorags.

This pic. They got to skip across the room and "leap" around the stuffed puppy.

Methinks my boy learned a little Riverdance.

Checkin himself and likin what he sees.

Devyn was so into it that when they switched for the second half of the class, tap, they let her come in.  She went right up front and center with her big brother. Not sure why my kids got in the front or center, for that matter. First timers? Very bold. They did so good! I'm so pumped for Devy to get signed up for her first dance class. Pink tights and black leotard?

Towards the end of the class they made a circle and each child got to stand up and do a move.
Devyn was the second one to go. She stood up, twirled in two circles as she tapped in her Chucks. I think I shed a tear. Seriously such a proud moment, and so exciting to see her having fun with it!

Tiny Dancer.

She couldn't stop talking about dance class the whole week.
My sweet little tiny dancer.
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