Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Buds

Oh, these two.
I love them together.
She adores him. Every breath he takes, every  move he makes, she watches and copies him.
He loves her. He looks out for her and he teaches her how to play. And he occasionally gets annoyed at her repeating everything he says.
And I can't help but laugh at how funny she is when she repeats him.
Especially when he's talking in his Dark Knight Batman voice and she repeats that in a low, gravelly baby voice. Freaking hilarious. And so annoying if you're four years old and trying to be a badass.

But this.
They have each other.
Tonight she got in trouble for trying to drink out of everyone's cups.
And for deliberately refusing to acknowledge the word "No".
So she cried.
And ran to her big brother and he hugged her. And told her it's okay.
Even though it's not.
It's SO very not okay to drink Daddy's Mountain Dew at 7:30pm when you're supposed to be giving goodnight hugs and headed to bed so Mommy can work for two hours then maybe have enough energy for a shower and dying of exhaustion.

I love moments like this, when they play together, rest together, love together.
It reminds me of how I feel about my little brother.
There's just that connection.
Knowing that God made someone out there who is as close to you as possible without being you.
But that person is so different than you at the same time, and so you learn the most from them. And even if they're the little brother or little sister, there is still so much to learn from them. And look up to them. And love them.

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