Sunday, July 7, 2013

One of those days...

Ever have one of THOSE days?
The days where nothing is easy.
The day begins long before any alarm is due to go off.
The baby wakes up at 1:00am for no apparent reason, other than to just be wide awake and ready to babble talk to you and jump in her crib.
At 3:00 you hear your preschooler cry out, "Moooo-meeeeeee?"
So you tell yourself it MUST be important, so you drag your lead legs out of the duvet tumble and stumble down the hall to his room.
He is sitting up straight, waiting with a smile.
"What's up, buddy?" you ask.
"I love you and the best part of my day today was digging in the wood chips." he says.
Ummmm, he woke you up for that?
But it's so sweet and innocent so you hug him and stumble back to bed.
You go to work, where of COURSE nothing is Easy.
You rush to the daycare to pick them up, and head to the grocery store.
With two kids. At 5:30pm. Hell hour to be in a grocery store.
But they beg for the "race car" shopping cart.
And you hope it will give you Peace as you shop.
But, if you've ever driven one, you KNOW it will drive like anything BUT a race car.
Strangers in the store roll their eyes and sigh as you take wide turns to get out of every aisle.
You inwardly sigh (because you're busy being a role model and remembering the list you left at home AGAIN, and because you don't want a Scene) because people are standing in your way.
And Hell-o! This is a tank I'm driving people, I didn't WANT to drive it, but they made me drive it. And two tantrums would have been more than I can handle.
So......Move it!
You get all the groceries home, finally.
After fighting rush hour traffic to just turn left on the one street that will take you home.
As you unload the groceries you put the beer in the fridge so hubs will have a pleasant surprise.
You decide to open that little flap thing so they'll be more accessible.
Easy access in case of emergency is a must.
All the sudden all 12 beers roll out of the easy access opening and onto the garage floor.
So you lose it.
And yell, "Why is nothing Easy?! Please God, let it be Easy!"
Then your preschooler approaches you.
And says, "Mommy, why are you mean?"
And you cringe, but you recover, so you say "I  was pretending to be the Hulk, did you like it?"
He cocks his head, looks you up and down and says, "I like it!!"
Then he runs away laughing.
I think God listens.
Thank you, God.
10 seconds of Grace.
I'll take it.
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