Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Sister Girl

It's been one month!! Our little family of 3 is settled into a family of 4 (okay, as settled as you are one month after adding a new baby into the mix). These pics are from our first night home with Devyn. Our sweet little lhasa-poo-poo Izzy was SO excited just as she was with Cade. I don't know if I blogged it earlier, but Izzy knew I was pregnant. She curled up with me right around my belly and she was more protective of me when people came into the house. She's just the best dog EVER! Just like we did with Cade, we let her sniff and kiss the baby and gave her lots of pets and cuddles as she did. So, we kind of took the same approach with Cade.
I'd had a summer date day with Cade where we grabbed Starbucks and hung out at Starbucks chilling with books. I bought him two book about being a big brother. We read them almost every day and talked about being a big brother. He didn't really seem to care. He knew the baby was in my tummy (and often thought the baby was in his tummy too) and helped get the new nursery ready. I tried to take him the newborn nursery in the hospital but that has now been blacked out at our hospital, no viewing of newborns allowed!!! Anyways, he got a baby doll and we practiced being gentle and loving. We prepped like it was the BAR. When we were shopping one day, Cade bought Devyn a little Sesame Street Abby Cadaby doll at Nordy's. He decorated a gift bag for her and we wrapped it together to give the baby when she was born. Her first birthday gift!
Well, he passed with flying colors! Before we bought Devyn home we had the kids exchange presents at the hospital. Cade didn't quite know what to think that Devyn had gotten him something. Is it possible my 2 year old called "Bullshit" on Devyn shopping for him? She got him an Elmo doll. (Although Mommy wanted her to buy Cookie Monster, it appeared that Cade was more excited by Elmo at the time, so she chose Elmo). It was kind of presh when we were leaving the hospital, me carrying Devyn, Cade carrying Elmo. He ran to the nurse station and proceeded to tell the nurse that his baby got him Elmo. God bless the sweet nurse who engaged him for a couple of minutes! It was so cute.
Cade showed Devyn her nursery when we got home. He even is sharing his lambie rug with her!

Seeing him love her and talk to her is the best thing in the world. Any new mom will tell you they never want their newborn to get bigger and grow up. Now that I'm on baby #2 (despite that, for now anyways, we feel like our family is complete) I cannot WAIT for her to be big enough for them to play. I think of all the fun stuff my brother and I did and I want that for them. I can't wait for them to both be cuddling in bed with us, opening Christmas presents together, their first lemonade stand (or colored acorns;), playing in the rain together, getting grounded together. I love to cuddle little ol' her, but I am excited more than I thought I'd be about them being kids together!

My favorite moment so far is the family going to Devyn's first doctor appointment. Cade was kinda psyched that the dr would be seeing Devyn, NOT him... So he was right on the table with her most of the visit. After she got her vaccine and started to cry, Cade came over to her, petted her head, kissed her and said, "It's okay, Baby Sister Girl. Big brother here." Best. Moment. Of. My. Life.

Dear God, please let them always look out for each other and love each other. Let them know how blessed they are to have each other. Let nothing come between them. They are each other's First Best Friend. Let them stay this way forever.

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