Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Update in pics

Friday night: Saw A Christmas Carol 3D with the whole family, then came back to Grammie and Grandaddy's house to play with their new puppy, Tessie. Cade wasn't too aware of her, just cracked us up at his hamming for the camera. He watches for the camera, looks away and stops smiling when we put the camera down but grins and holds it as long as the camera is pointed at him. It's so ridiculous, but luckily we get good pics from his vanity! (Side note: First school picture came back, pretty cute, going to have to scan it in so you can see!)

Teething toy wins out over puppy time.
Saturday: Cade is 7 months old today! He dressed up in big boy clothes and hung out on his Lightning McQueen push car. The sound effects are pretty bad A, he loves it! I adore the focused face below. (and a pic that shows his true hair color! NOT a red head -- yet anyways:)
I had to hold his sign so he woudn't eat it/tear it/attack it (see last month). Good milestones on this bday! He tried a sippy cup of water today. Semi-able to hold it himself. V excited by teething opportunites the sippy spout offers. ALSO, Cade has started waving more consistently and frequently now. It's an open and close of the right hand, pointed towards himself, but he does do it in response to another wave and a "Hi Cade!"

He also had a trip to the dr Saturday morning for urgent care. We got a scary note from daycare saying another kid had RSV, if you google it says the 3 dreadful words "fatal in infants". Of course the damn symptoms are runny nose, cough, congestion. Um, hello! Kiddo has had those symptoms for WEEKS, cough just started howev and it sounded wet and with the trouble sleeping we decided to play it safe and get him checked. No RSV, yay! But we did leave with first ear infection diagnosis. Um, huh? He hasn't been obnoxiously fussy as we've heard babies get, so it was a little surprising. Apparently drainage from runny nose can get backed up and infected. Or something like that. Just an excuse for him to taste pink fruity bubblegummy Amoxycillin and wear cute hats. I'll take it! Poor little ears. Anyhoo, sleeping a bit better with the meds. Hasn't affected him too much! I guess the exciting weekend got to us, b/c I was rewarded with 2 big morning naps both Saturday and Sunday --- score! Check out the sweet nap I had with my babies on the couch this morning. Jealous, yes?!

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